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Saturday, October 29

Prompted & Penned

So kamusta naman?! Bigla akong na-inspire na sumulat ng tula.. And since, nakatulong ang Magpie Tales sa mga prompting prompting, ayun, ginanahan akong magsulat... As in, literal na handwritten, ganyan... Ang hirap na magsulat; dahil dyan, sumakit ang kamay ko. Di na ako siguro sanay, kasi mas madali nga naman na i-type nalang sa computer.

Anyway, C, this one's for you... Sana, magustuhan mo; here goes... (Pagpasensyahan mo na ang penmanship, ewan ko lang if readable)

Page 1

Page 2


So for the benefit ng mga napangitan sa sulat ko... Eto, mas readable... :P

If I should write, then I would
            About how I started to write, way back
            About gloomy, stormy weathers
            About how my mind fades to black 

If I should write, then I would
            Of downpours from the sky
            Of a baller, a fairy godmother
            Of talking to the moon, while I cry

If I should write, then I would
            About how beauty withers
            Of life without regrets
            Of moving on and de–clutters

Then, you came into my life 
And it changed a lot of things 
Days are more colorful
Sweet little gestures have meanings

If I should write, then I would
            Of honeyed words that are cheesy
            Of cupcakes and boudoirs
            Of all the things mushy

If I should write, then I would
           Of sunsets and dreaming
Of sleeping and lullabies
           Of morning and waking

Two months have passed, indeed
With you here by my side
And you gave me more reasons
To breathe again, to live, to write 

Now, if I should write, then I would
           Of tiny moments that swept me off my feet
           And of how in my heart, it is you…
That I would cherish and keep


citybuoy said...

Yan pa pala ang pangit na handwriting. tseh!

Nate said...

@citybuoy: sahree naman, nyl.. hmpf!! angshunget!! :P

citybuoy said...

jowk lang. haha i guess we always resent what we don't have. haha

Nate said...

@citybuoy: hahahaha! :P

Anonymous said...

This is very, very, very awesome.

Nate said...

@pointlessparanoia: awe.. shucks.. thank you for the kind words, lil bro! :)

Ako Si Lira said...

ang ganda ng penmanship! kung panget pa yan para sayo, ano na lang kaya ang level ng kapangitan ng handwriting ko? :P

This is really nice! :D

charles. said...

I'm actually thinking what the better description for the handwriting is: doctor-ish or gay? Haha! Joke lang, Nate, the handwriting is a-some, but sorry to tell you but when you see mine, you'll surely disown yours. Haha!Joke uli.

As always, Nate, your posts are heartfelt and sincere. :)

Nate said...

@Lira: ay, thank you!! :)

@Charles: hahaha! aww, thank you for complimenting both my handwriting and my post.. i really appreciate it! :)

glentot said...

The whole poem is good but the last stanza is just great... nakakarelate ako LOL

Nate said...

@glentot: aww.. thanks! ako rin, fave part ko yung last stanza.. naii-stuck sya sa utak ko.. :)

i'm glad to know nakaka-relate ka dun sa last stanza... yi..... sino yan?? si steph ba yan?? lolz. :P

린코 said...

ang dami mong alam!!! haha. very cringe worthy. ahahaha. :))

Anonymous said...

Can I just, mas maganda pa penmanship mo sa kin. Che!

Nate said...

린코: hihihi.. eh ganun talaga!!! ako na!! ako na talaga!! wahahaha! cringe worthy ba? hehe.. :)

@ayla: hahaha! ganun ba? tinkyow!! :)

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